One God - Many Paths
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About Us


UNIVERSALIS is a God centered organization that provides individual and family development in the three areas of spirituality, service and success.


UNIVERSALIS is for those who are:


                         - tired of corporate religion,


                         - believe in an omnipresence,


                         - searching for inner peace,


                         - and maximum personal potential. 



Beginning the first of 2011, a weekly Forum will be scheduled that will include segments of spiritual enhancement, meditation, music and presentation of volunteer opportunities for local and international service projects.


Throughout 2009-10, UNIVERSALIS will be presented to individuals and groups to build a cadre of individuals who will help in launching the organization and in ongoing development of programs and places.


Separate workshops will be developed for personal, family, work or business and financial goal setting as well as leadership and study groups on specific books plus the many sources of wisdom thru the ages.


Success begins with internalizing the Golden Rule in what we think, say and do.  Success is achieved by expanding and nourishing the spiritual dimension in our lives, by expanding and honoring the presence of God within us and others thru service to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community.


The name UNIVERSALIS is comprised of the Latin uni meaning one, ver meaning truth and salis meaning salt. Salt gives life, it is an enhancer and a purifier.


Please use the Contact Page to be added to our email list for updates of progress and scheduled meetings, workshops, study groups and Forums.  Please indicate reason for contact.

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