One God - Many Paths
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UNIVERSALIS is a God centered organization that provides individual and family development in the areas of spirituality, service and success.


UNIVERSALIS holds that:


  • God is present at the moment of conception and is ever present as an ember that is meant to be kindled and expanded throughout an individual's life.


  • God is always within us and in our neighbor and that by serving the needs of our neighbor we not only expand and experience the presence of God within us but also in our neighbor.


  • We are born pure and innocent without blemish of evil and that environment and self-survival responses all too often produce thoughts, attitudes and actions that create violence and hatred.


  • We have a responsibility to expand our own potential and assist in expanding our neighbors.


  • We expand our spirituality and success in life by serving others and only through serving others can we attain self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership potential.


  • Success and prosperity in careers and business affairs is an opportunity for expanded service that allows for greater success and prosperity to be shared further through greater service.


  • Success and prosperity are desirable for individuals and the community and undesirable only when attainment harms other individuals and diminishes other's ability to reach their potential.


  • There are many paths to God.  Any path that does not produce violence, hatred and self-loathing and does no harm to the growth and development of individual potential is a path to follow.


  • Any spiritual system or religion that claims to have the only key or path to experience God or to attain atonement for our harmful thoughts and actions creates harm, hatred and violence.



  • The term "God" is used to mean many expressions and descriptions of the omnipresence that all stages of man and cultures have sensed in observing the rhythms of life and in striving to understand what meaning our existence serves.
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